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The best in investment casting

Bürstlein is the leading investment casting expert in Southwest Germany. For decades we have been offering high-quality investment castings as well as sound expert advice on matters of casting technology and the lost wax process. Let us help you find the solution best suited to your needs.

We combine extensive experience in engineering and practical applications, in-house tool production, a wide selection of casting materials, on-site machining and the highest level of quality controls. Thanks to in-house tooling, we have complete control of the process from the very outset. Ceramic casting shells are manufactured with the aid of our team of experienced specialists and the composition of each molten mass is monitored separately by several people during the casting process. All melts undergo spectral analysis in our laboratory.

Low overheads and short decision-making paths ensure that we are particularly flexible and reactive and can offer short lead times. We incorporate all of this into our work and guarantee our customers quality and reliability, from the initial idea to the finished prototype or large production series.

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The origins of investment casting

The lost wax method already existed in a similar form as far back as the Bronze Age, when beeswax and clay were utilised. Today, modern industrial waxes and moulding materials are employed to manufacture the ceramic shells. This state-of-the-art lost wax process enables cost-efficient fabrication even in small batch quantities. Thanks to utmost production precision, investment casting guarantees ready-to-install parts and subsequent processing is no longer necessary in many cases. Extremely flexible design options make investment casting the ideal solution for parts that would otherwise require extensive machining – whether in large or small production series.

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