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Investment casting: characteristics and benefits

From prototype to serial production: thanks to its remarkable characteristics, investment casting offers numerous benefits. The process guarantees absolute freedom of shape and design, a high surface quality, low surface roughness values and is suited for both small and large production series.

The advantages of investment casting:

  • Large choice of materials, virtually every steel alloy is possible
  • Great freedom of shape and design
  • High dimensional accuracy and exact tolerances
  • Contour definition
  • High-quality surface finish and low surface roughness values
  • Flexible quantities, suitable for small and large production series
  • Fabrication of ready-to-install castings
  • Virtually no mechanical finishing necessary
  • Short lead times and just-in-time delivery possible
  • Bürstlein: Feingussverfahren, Wachsausschmelzverfahren, Gusstechnik
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