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CastForge 2024

CastForge 2024

4 to 6 June 2024
Visit us at our stand 5D60!

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Quality at its finest

BÜRSTLEIN: your casting technology expert

An excellent reputation as a reliable investment casting partner has to be earned. Decades of outstanding achievement have established BÜRSTLEIN among the leading investment foundries – a position that we continually prove through consistent exceptional performance.

To ensure that we continue to maintain our usual high standards in investment casting and the lost wax process in the future, we work closely with technical universities in the search for fresh ideas and solutions that will benefit our customers.

Responsible environmental protection through reduced emissions, lower energy consumption and an increased use of renewable energies is a fundamental part of our company policy.

We also believe in corporate social responsibility that extends beyond the factory site. By supporting projects for children and young people, as well as sports programmes, we actively help safeguard the future of our community.

BÜRSTLEIN – your partner for today and tomorrow

  • Unternehmen: Bürstlein, Feinguss, Werkstatt, Schmelze, Gusstechnik

Let us guide you through our dynamic world on a short tour of the foundry in Landstuhl.
This video offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse and an insight into our exciting field of work. Even in this age of state-of-the-art technologies, investment casting still requires many manual steps, whether during preparation, further processing or – very importantly – in quality control.

Welcome to BÜRSTLEIN.

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